Friday, October 24, 2014

Farewell my friend..travelin' on...

There have been many, many changes in my life since I posted last in January. Many of them difficult, some extremely difficult and some that hold promise for some future brightness. The tale of the past year plus is long...way too long, in fact. In March of 2014, my journey with Ebony, the travelin' cat, came to an end. It was one of the hardest decisions and actions of my life, but it was what was best for her. Even 7 months later, I miss turning around to find that little black face right at my elbow. For all her stand-offishness, she liked to be close to where ever I was. I miss her instant purr when I reached out to stroke her back or head. The list goes on, but enough of that. I am in a completely new location now. I have left the valley where I have spent the past 30 years and now live in a larger community. I do not know a single soul living here. The kids decided I needed to be closer to them, and I appreciate that. They don't realize however, that everything that is familiar is now missing from my days. I am starting over to establish some sort of familiar routine to each day. I have been sewing, which is good. Still working on those confounded UFO's of mine. Presently the challenge is Bonnie's 2008 mystery, Orange Crush, LOL. Yes, and it's NOT the oldest one, LOL. I will try to get back in the routine of sharing things with you here, in Blogland.

Monday, January 06, 2014

I need help....please?

And maybe I finally got a picture to load from the iPad!? The help I'm hoping for is a size that chemo quilts are/should be? A close friend of my daughters was just diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. She's only 46 and I'm still in shock at the news! I have some tops on hangers that might be the size needed. They will start chemo immediately to hopefully shrink the rumors somewhat before they do surgery. Thanks for your help,hugs for all my Blogger friends 'VBS'

Friday, January 03, 2014

The new year begins...

I wasn't quite as ready to hit the ground running as I had thought I was. Very quiet New Year's Eve here, In the afternoon I attended a party at the Nursing Home, to welcome the year with the residents. Live music and sparkling apple juice, it was fun! They have live music quite often, this time an elderly man with a fairly good voice and a guitar. Not much happening in the sewing department and I will change that today. Played catch-up most of yesterday, making a batch of chili for this extreme weather we are having and paying the January bills. I chose a picture to post, today, and although it shows up as if it's posting, when I begin composing, it's not there..any suggestions?

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Work in progress, try to get pictures and postings to publish! I have found blogpress(thanks so much Liz) now if I can understand what I'm suppose to do!

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Another pre-used picture...still working on how to get pictures into the iPod and then use them. Like the squirrel, I'm back to snapping some pictures to share! Sewing has taken a rear seat this past week,but I have my mo-Jo back and I'm raring to make some quilts! Ebony is doing well, she's 12 yrs now but had a goog checkup with her vet this past week. Shee seems to have adjusted to our new residence. For any of you guys thinking of getting an iPad, I suggest trying to find the option of time to use it with the ability to return it if it's not as expected. For me, it's a BIG financial piece,especially after the hospital, surgery, etc, of this past summer and fall. I got this one from QVC with a free trial until Jan. 31st of 2014. If I'm satisfied,I'll keep it, if not it goes back with free shipping. I'm keeping on open mind and hope it will do most of what I need.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Solstice plus one....

Wishing each and everyone of you a happy and safe holiday season, with the love of family and friends all about you! Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years *VBS*

Friday, March 08, 2013

Long distance...

Sometimes, it's so far down, everything looks like up. I'm not "down" in the spirit sense...but so far from the "starting line" I can't even see it from here. It's that old saying, "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak", or something like that. Needless to say, no sewing has happened as yet. Friend Betsy has done her best to stir me into action, but, no luck. The days are growing longer, new snow is being delivered with regularity, followed by equally rapid thaw and melt. We are an icy mess after last weekends blizzard. This week we warmed up to the 30's, drip, drip, drip. Another storm is arriving tomorrow, led by rain and then freezing rain! Just what we want and need...not!! Today I worked my way through the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, had a late breakfast with friend Jean, and then sorted and purged stuff from multiple boxes. Sorted by 'pitch, donate or keep'. The Keep stuff has been distributed to its destinations. The pitch stuff is in the trash, and the donate is bagged up to pass along. We have a little "Thrift and Gift" shop a couple of doors down from my front door, doing business out of the old TV and Cable store. As odd as that sounds in a tiny village of just over 700, its doing a very good business. Her prices are very reasonable, all the thrift stuff is donated to her for selling, and the Gifts part includes a jewelery line by a local gal, Leanin' Tree greeting cards and the helium type balloons for parties. You can find anything from a wine glass to an ironing board there. A couple of weeks ago Jean scored a brand new, with tags, never used bright red electric Wok! For $3.50!! It is super convenient to be able to donate anything you wish to upcycle . It's a wonderful service to the community as a whole, especially in this economy.Another plus is that this new shop has a donation bin for food shelf items, and the food bank(which is also quite new in my village, is about 3 doors down from Thrift and Gift. Sorry about no pictures, Blogger isn't loving me today *VBS* Be back soon or sooner, hopefully!

Friday, February 01, 2013

I totally "blew" it....

but I'm going to give it another go! Finally I can access blogger, altho not every day, and I got a picture to upload!
I did follow through with my intention of 01/04 and choose the HA quilt top and the Happy Frogs as my "jumping in again" projects. And I even got backings picked out and partly made...and then I wandered off.
None of many Christmas pillowcases got made for the grandkids. I had other stuff for them, as well, but do like to give them a new flannel pillowcase every year or so. This was an "or so" year, since I missed last year. And I've got a whole new stack of Christmas flannels in fun kid prints to have used. So I'm going to make them anyway and see if I can get them shipped out before the cold and snow vanishes. Wish me luck, or join me...I'd love the company *VBS*

Friday, January 04, 2013

Where to begin....????

Well...apparently we begin WITHOUT pictures this morning! Several attempts and no results...thanks Blogger!
Guess that gives me more time to THINK about what quilt top comes first, AFTER I do a 'search and re-claim' mission in my sewing room. Did I mention that 3 or 4 months worth of stuff has been piled in there? Boxes to sort, stacks of stuff to put away, and then the just general "ditch" items prior to our Christmas gathering, LOL.
Yes, it will take some time I think. I am pretty sure that I can clear a path to the sewing machine itself in short order, 15 minutes max! BUT the rest will take more time and effort.
I'm thinking about a backing for the Orphan block top, 2 or 3 posts before this one. The one with the big HA letters in it...that one should be fun! OR maybe the Happy Frogs , for a 'not quite so well right now' grandson, who's 5. I think that might tickle him *VBS*
Some goal setting is also in order, so here goes...I'm thinking I can get two UFOs finished up and out of here in January. One of the afore mentioned, and probably an older flimsey. I have some "things" that need mailing to blogging friends, and I'm hoping I can get that done also.
A few more boxes unpacked and a bit more clutter out of here.
Now I'll tell you one more thing you don't know about me, LOL....I absolutely LOVE molasses cookies, big soft ones with a sprinkle of sugar on the oldie but goodie! I'll be back with pictures I hope.
P.S. The camera batteries are charging!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The old year ends and a new one begins...

It's been "a long, long road, a-winding to the land of my dreams"...yes indeed, I've been almost totally missing, haven't I? But like a bad penny, I keep popping back up when you least expect it.
I'm happy to be done with 2012, but not for any particular reason. I suppose it was mostly a year of 'adjustments' for me, and of coming to a place of acceptance and comfort in a new reality. I did alot of sewing during the early months of '12, but less and less as the year went on. I informed friend Betsy this morning that only managed to accomplish ONE bound quilt for the entire year. I have many sets of blocks completed and ready to join up. And several new tops on hangers...but it ended there.
Time to get on to the final steps and get those quilts to some people who can and will enjoy using them. I'm going to try and stage a "comeback" right here in my little corner of WI! And in the words of my favorite Star Trek captain, "Make it so"! Please feel free to join me :- )

Friday, July 20, 2012

Five - Six...pick up sticks...

 and lay them straight! I've buttoned my shoes, closed the door, made the frogs happy and I'm movin' on...
This conglomeration of "stuff", arrived at my house in the form of a bag of 2" strips, mostly Aunt Gracies knock-offs, and a left over pile of blue/white 2.5" checks. I think there were roughly 30 of the squares. Of very little consequence when paired with another color and turned into 4 patches. So I put on my thinking cap...
 and now there are 30 10.5" blocks. This should be what can only be called "an interesting" quilt! I didn't square up the little centers..many tilt one way or another. I didn't stay consistant with the first strip going out, but drew from the bag of 2" donated strips, my own 2.5" and also from 3.5". Let me say it does get very interesting to arrive at a chosen block size, LOL.
 And here's the prize for you if you know all the words to the rhyme that began this post...just kidding. What I'd like to know is "If I laid the 5 fabrics used in this block on you sewing machine, would they "work" together for you?" Each of the 4 blocks below have 5 printed fabrics in them.
they may read as a solid, but few solids were used to create this top. The ugly brownish background is my kitchen carpeting..oh yes, joy of joys, good old low nape brown industrial type carpet in the kitchen! And for the record, I really, really like block #4 *VBS*

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Frogs???

well, I certainly hope so! The 12 little frog orphans have found a new purpose and a new place to belong. I'm very pleased with how well the 12 frog blocks worked with the scrappy 16 patches. And when I found the green with green dots in my stash, I knew it was my border fabric! The top is now 46" X 46" and will be donated at that size. I'm still debating if I want to finish it into a quilt, or send it as a top. One thing I'm positive about, however, is I have ONE more empty container in my sewing room...yippee!
Having gotten the Frog top together, I moved on to the next container, which has been housing these scrappy fence rail blocks. So far I've gotten 6 rows joined to each other, and have several more to go.
While thrifting last week, with Jean, I came across a sale on VHS tapes at my favorite thift store. They had them 5/$1 and since I have a VCR in my sewing room, I've hung onto my videos. I was thrilled to find "Ghostbusters", that crazy long ago movie with Bill Murray. Also found "Sarah, Plain and Tall" as well as "The Christmas Story". They all work find, and I'm ticked pink about that. The "Shrek 2" had more tracking problems than I care to watch, so I pitched that one. "The Jungle Book" was also a good tape, and I've been watching them as I sew. At my age, and here in rural WI, doesn't take the newest or best to make me happy *VBS*
This top, pieced during the 2011 Rainbow Scraps Challenge, has waited for me to get around to it. It still hasn't gotten it's final pressing, and I've not decided on borders or not borders. I'll re-measure it for sure, and may include it with other tops I am donating. Not being a fan of pink makes my decision easier. Have a lovely weekend all!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Always, there is a need....

and many, many of you make and donate quilt, quilt tops, batting,fabric, etc to the mulitude of 'needs' across the world. Quilts for Japan, quilts for prison ministries, quilts for soldiers... and on and on. I'm proud and happy to be part of that particular "collective good". A while back these cute medical frogs came to me as orphan blocks. Wish I could remember who sent them...I'm thinking Julie, of Quilting in the Barn, don't know for sure. They were 6" blocks, just frogs and red, and they numbered 12. Hmmmm? what to do with them?
Recently I added the 2" muslin strips, bringing them up to 8.5" but still no clue as how to use them?? And then last night, laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling fan....a brain storm hit!!
Over the first 6 months or so of this year, I've been sewing random 2.5" strips in 16 patches...dozens and dozens of 16 patches. The variety crosses a wide portion of my stash, my scraps and donated stuff. And as Fate would have it, they just happen to be 8.5"....can you guess what comes next?? Stay tuned for the next chapter.

Saturday, July 07, 2012


 and things are blooming and growing all around me. Despite the slightly weird weather patterns, WI is still green and growing. It sounds like we may be among the "lucky" ones. So much destructive weather and fires all across our great nation. We have these lovely lilies blooming right next to our raspberry bushes..lots of yum-yum! The garden is doing well and we have been eating broccoli, spinach and chard.
This red, white and blue(mostly)orphan block quilt is the one I have been working on(since June). I'm closer to done than this picture indicates but I didn't stop to take a new picture. In limiting my orphans to the r,w,& b color scheme, I limited what I had to work's taken longer than usual.
This is my effort of the past week(plus). It's been done over the course of a year(or so) and is has less harmony than I usually strive for. It is a "separate-ness" or blocky feeling. One way to avoid that is to have ALL the blocks you are going to use and work with a design wall. Mostly I strive to "build" a row or a section of the same height. This one is currently 52" X 72". It looks like it needs a border to me, but it's not going to get one because my roll of batting is 54" wide...and that's that!
The work of many of my blogging friends are in this one, some of my orphans, and the big cheddar H.A. was donated by friend Betsy. After reading the WI quilts book, she made a whole H.A. quilt....her youngest daughter loved it!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Merry May has danced away...

                                                  Significant events include FLOODING...
                                            my patio, my side yard...but not the house!
                           Youngest grandson AJ, now a happy, busy two year old...with a brand new Radio Flyer tricycle. He can almost reach the petals, LOL.
                 And oldest grandson, Nick, graduated from high school in St. Cloud, MN.
                  It's was a busy month, that Merry Month of May...wonder what June holds?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day 2012 Everyone *VBS*

I'm hoping everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day with their loved ones if possible.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On the road again...

...goin' back to where I've already been, and I'm telling you ... I'm on the road again. I have a new occupation, as if retirement didn't keep me busy enough, LOL. Ya right!

I'm off today to begin a week of house sitting for a friend of many years. It's not something I thought about doing, but they asked if I would stay at their house while they fly hither and yon all over the country. And I said "yes". The property is rural , and off the beaten track, which is lovely for bird watching and quiet solitude. I see lots of reading coming up soon, and prepared by getting 5 books from the library . I also have GRAND and glorious plans for getting some tops basted, and borders added to others. She has a lovely, large dining room table where you can lay things out...WITHOUT cat hair everywhere!

I will be popping back into town periodically this next week to check on Ebony and her litter box. Jean will pitch in and take up the slack while I'm gone. Of course I've been 'gone' so much these past months you probably wouldn't miss me...right? Well, that's why I'm telling you, I'll be MORE gone than usual...Happy springtime everyone! See you soon...